Hypnotic Persuasion in Four Easy Steps

Hypnotic Persuasion

Hypnotic Persuasion

Persuasion, and its super-charged cousin, hypnotic persuasion, can take you to the peaks of success that you perhaps have only dreamed of. Have you ever watched in amazement as a master salesperson effortlessly overcame objection after objection? Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to “get what they want” almost no matter what it is? Have you seen great speakers sway a crown, rouse their enthusiasm, and bring them to their own way of thinking? Have you thought that such skills are inborn–either you have them or you don’t? And you sometimes wonder if you’re one of those who doesn’t…..

Persuasion is a Skill and Hypnotic Persuasion is a Mega-Skill

What would your life be like now if you had the skill of effortless persuasion? Wh

ere would you be in your work, in your relationships, in your life overall? As you focus on the things where persuading someone could truly make you life great, consider some of the different ways you can incorporate persuasive techniques in your own life:

Understand that all communication is an unconscious process (this is why using

hypnotic persuasion) accelerates your results at rocket speed. Knowing that effective persuasion is in part effective hypnosis, opens the key to how to persuade others.

Four Steps to Hypnotic Persuasion 

First, always start with your end in mind. What do you want to persuade the other person to do, to believe or what action to take? As someone once said, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably wind up somewhere else. Hold the outcome you want firmly in your mind. When you do this, on an unconscious level, your mind already starts creating instant changes in you body and mind that will help you persuade.

Second, always start from the framework of the other person–what do they think, feel and believe about the topic or the change? Why are those beliefs important to them? As you understand how they think about things, you begin t

o see ways to move them from their current viewpoint to where you want t

hem to be. Pay attention to what they say, and they will tell you how you can move them. They may even think the new idea is theirs!

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Third, use stories to illustrate your point of view. Stories are hypnotic. Whether you’re Christian or not, Jesus had an enornous impact on the world, and his primary method of persuasion was stories! Learn to create and tell powerful and emotional stories that capture your message and convey your ideas with incredible power. Stories, you see, speak directly to the unconscious mind. Stories bypass the conscious mind, the “critical factor” that stops persuasion. The unconscious mind loves stories–and it is a basic technique to turn skeptics into believers..

How often have you been totally immersed in an hypnotic story….focusing only on the story and perhaps even losing track of time?

Fourth, use some evidence, facts and figures, as well. This will satisfy the conscious mind while the real persuasion all happens behind the curtain, in the hypnotic, unconscious mind.

Facts and figures are the icing on the cake: the cake is the hypnotic persuasion that takes place unconsciously.

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