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Hypnosis training that will take you from beginner to master in the shortest time possible. Your hypnosis training teaches you inductions, interventions, handling problem cases, teaches self hypnosis and much more.

Self Hypnosis: Five Best Benefits

Hypnosis and its cousin, self-hypnosis, is shrouded in fear, skepticism and widely regarded as hocus pocus. These false attitudes and beliefs stop people from using what is almost certainly the most effective and simplest self-improvement tool known to humankind. Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years  to improve health, cultivate positive habits, create incredible…

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Induction

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Induction (PMR) Progressive Relaxation (or Progressive Muscle Relaxation) inductions are a mainstay of therapeutic and stage hypnosis. It is also what most people think of when they think of a hypnotic induction. When you learn hypnosis, a progressive relaxation induction will likely be among the first inductions you learn. Many people associate…

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Elman Induction

Progressive relaxation and the Elman induction are two of the most common hypnotic inductions used in therapy or on the stage. Many hypnosis trainings teach both, discuss the psychological principles that the two inductions rely on, and train the students to use them effectively. One of the best schools for mastering hypnosis is the hypnosis…

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