5 Steps to Hypnotize Yourself and Others

How to hypnotize

Whether you’re interested in self-hypnosis or want to learn how to hypnotize someone else, we’re here to teach you what you need to know.

Learn these basic steps before you go to an hypnosis training, or before you learn self-hypnosis to make you experience even better.

Step 1: Make Sure The Environment Is Right

Most people who have been hypnotized have reported big benefits from the experience. Even if they didn’t everything they wanted, they still noticed improvements in many areas of their life.  Hypnosis is safe, easy and completely free of any side-effects (except feeling really good), so we invite you to use it for yourself and others. Here are some general tips. And while we recommend a complete course in hypnosis before doing anything therapeutic on someone else, it is helpful to see just how easy and simple hypnosis can be.

To start, you’ll need to make sure the environment you’re in is a conducive place to hypnotize someone. Hint: a crowded party  your commute home or doing something that requires your concentration isn’t the right place. Find a time and place where you can relax without distraction. While it is certainly possible to hypnotize someone with loud noises, bright lights and distractions (stage hypnotists do it all the time), it will be easier in a quiet and comfortable environment.

Step 2: Focus On the Goal or What You Want to Achieve

For a picture, a sound or some representation of what you want to achieve. Get your goal clear in your own mind. Make it something positive–how will you be acting when you achieve your goal? What will people around you be saying, thinking, doing? What will you be feeling, thinking when you achieve your goal. Make it as specific and concrete as possible. You should have this goal in mind before you enter trance with the next steps.

Step 3: Relax Into Trance

Before you start with suggestions, take three or four deep breaths, in through the noise and out through the mouth. Let them hold the breath for 2-4 seconds before exhaling. As they breath and focus on their breathing, you should see their body (or feel your body if you’re doing this on yourself) relaxing down. The muscles will grow more relaxed, you’ll see the tension release from their faces and bodies.

Despite common misconceptions, hypnosis and relaxations are different things, but relaxation is one common way to get people into a hypnotic state. Meditative music can help. If they have been hypnotized before, you can ask them to recreate that experience. They can also relive an experience they have had of complete relaxation.

You can use one of the inductions here how to hypnotize someone effectively to help take someone into trance and to use on yourself (you can record it on a player).

Step 4: Implement Deepener Techniques

Now that your client is sufficiently relaxed, you can create images that will help them go deeper into trance. They might imagine that they are riding down an escalator, and, as they ride down, they go deeper and deeper into trance. They may ride down an elevator, take a walk on the beach, watch a cloud float away or watch a feather fall to the earth. It can really be anything–just connect one thing happening with them going deeper and deeper into trance. Look at them and notice physiological changes in their body as they go deeper.

Step 5: Make Positive, Gentle Suggestions

Now, it’s time to really start suggesting ways and ideas for your client to change their behavior in the final step of learning how to hypnotize someone.

They’re primed to both be open to and to accept your suggestions. Giving effective suggestions can be simple or it can be an art form all of its own. You can give simple suggestions “You enjoy healthy eating,” “You feel completely comfortable and relaxed in all of those times when you used to smoke,” “You enjoy healthful exercise,” and so forth. As you continue you hypnosis learning through our website, you’ll learn about more advanced and effective methods of delivering suggestions such as direct suggestion, indirect suggestion, metaphor, story-telling and so much more.

You Know The Basics of How To Hypnotize Yourself Or Others

Now that you’ve learned these five 5 steps on how to hypnotize people effectively and, most of all, safely, you’re likely interested in learning even more. Hypnosis has been around forever – even used by Ancient Greeks!

To find out where to look for hypnosis certification training, or to learn more about the latest techniques and developments in the field, feel free to read through our blog or learn more about us.

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